There are 3 key resources for this month to help us learn about and embrace the Holy Spirit.


This June we will be reading through the book of Acts together – there are 28 chapters in Acts, so read one chapter a day! During our reading this month, we will be paying special attention to where we see:
Up: Life with God
In: Life in Community
Out: Life on mission

Here’s a plan in the YouVersion Bible App that will make it easy to read, give you reminders, share your thoughts with each other. Click the image below to go to the YouVersion Reading Plan.

2. VIDEO TEACHINGS to prepare for Gathering times:

We are asking all if you will please watch one video each week to have some very helpful teaching from Rachel Hickson on the Holy Spirit.
Rachel and her husband, Gordon will be joining our zoom gathering on June 20 to do a Q&A around the topic of the Holy Spirit.

Please can everyone take time to watch these teachings to prepare us for our Gathering times.

Week 1: The Holy Spirit is your helper. (12 min)
Watch on Facebook or Youtube
Week 2: The Holy Spirit is your comforter and friend. (12 min)
Watch on Facebook or Youtube
Week 3: The Holy Spirit is your tutor, teacher, guide. (13 min)
Watch on Facebook or Youtube
Week 4: The Holy Spirit is your prayer partner. (13 min)
Watch on Facebook or Youtube

For those wanting to dig deeper – A FREE Holy Spirit Course
Heartcry for Change has done a series of teachings (15-30 min each) on the Holy Spirit that gives Biblical understanding as well as practical guidance on the tricky bits of the Spirit.
Some may wish to use the videos as a course on the Holy Spirit over the next month or pick and choose one’s where you have questions. You will be so glad you did! Topics include: Filling of the Spirit,Function of the Spirit, Fruits of the Spirit, Gifts of the Spirit…and more.

(We will watch “Holy Spirit, I need more” and the 2 by Gordon at Gathering, so skip over those.)

You can find those videos here: Watch on facebook
or Watch on Youtube


Why not create a simple breath prayer that you can pray all month long. Here is a how to guide.