If you are a Christian looking for a church, you need to know that we are a bit differently organised. We are a church that is centred around mission and discipleship. You may find that this is a bit of a learning curve. We find doing church this way leads to the full life Jesus promised.

Do you have a sense that church was meant to be more than meetings? Are you wondering if God is calling you to more kingdom work? We want to journey with you, offer you friendship, and a safe place to listen to God and risk doing what He says.

We are a group of people from all walks of life and nationalities and varied church backgrounds. We have church networks we enjoy being a part of, but we consider ourselves non-denominational. We really just want to centre ourselves around the teachings and the ways of Jesus.

We’ve been praying, as Jesus commanded, asking God to send us workers for the harvest: people who are willing to apostle new communities, prophetically share God’s heart among us, pastor others towards Jesus, teach the ways of Jesus, and evangelise others with the good news about Jesus. Whatever your gifting, you could be a worker for the next harvest.

This is what the Journey might look like for you…

  1. Come along to a gathering, spend time with some of us to get a sense of who we are and what we do.
  2. Schedule a meeting with a Journey leader to hear our heart for Jesus and his church and ask your questions.
  3. Take the time you need to hear if God is calling you to be a part of Journey Communities church family.
  4. If you are a member of a church elsewhere, do all you can to leave your previous church well. This usually involves communication with the leaders and resolution of any problems. Our leaders are happy to walk with you through this process.
  5. Commit to Journey with us for a season by being a part of a DNA, or Huddle. This is a place where you come to understand our language and our purpose on a deeper level, beginning the journey towards multiplying disciples, as Jesus commanded.
  6. Make Journey Communities your church family by way of a baptism or commitment. Let’s journey together to see how your unique passions and purpose can play a part of the new thing God is doing through Journey Communities.
  7. Be a part of a Missional Community – whether for a season to serve someone else’s vision or by launching your own community around something you are passionate for.