A Huddle is:

  • A place for leaders to receive investment, training, imitation and accountability (in other words…discipleship for future Spiritual Parents!). Huddle is for current and/or future leaders. People in huddles know they will eventually be leading something.
  • By invitation only. A Huddle is an invitation for 6-12 leaders to regularly receive intentional investment by a discipling leader. It’s also an invitation in the leaders life, not just a 90-minute-per-week gathering point. As we know, the principles of discipleship at work are often better caught than taught.
  • Something that is reproduced. Rather than adding people to a Huddle, we multiply the discipling culture that is created with the expectation that every leader start their own Huddle at some point. It’s growth by multiplication that eventually leads to new missional communities.
  • A place for invitation and challenge. The discipling leader, as they invest in the lives of the people in their Huddle, will invite them into their life, their rhythms and have access to their Spiritual capital. But they will also, from time to time, be challenged (gracefully) to live more fully into the Kingdom when their way of life is different or out-of-step with the things we read about in scripture and the Kingdom.
  • High commitment. This is the beginning of being a leader as Jesus modelled.

*some content borrowed from Doug Paul’s article.