Each MC has a weekly gathering to worship, teach and dialogue together.
Many groups gather around prayer regularly for mission.

All of the MCs come together once a month for a large gathering.

Frequently asked questions:

Are children welcome?

Most certainly, yes! We often have a “Children’s learning time” in a separate space where our youth leaders and adult volunteers lead the children in learning the stories of Jesus in a fun atmosphere. When “Children’s time” isn’t on, we try to think about the children and provide something for them.

How long does it last?

Since, as a community, we see each other often throughout the week we like to keep this designated time to one hour! We’re pretty serious about this – so go ahead and plan your Saturday night adventures. You can be there by 7pm!

Do you have a building?

No, we meet often throughout the week in various ordinary places. We gather the whole community at different times, for different reasons where we value the communities coming together as a large group. Gatherings can look like a weekly service, a day away or retreat, an immersive learning experience, or even occasional topical workshops.

I’d like to come, should I just show up?

Sure, any one of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and beliefs are invited to join us in these gathering times. You may decide to come and just observe and that is acceptable. At the same time, we invite you to engage in the worship as fully as you are able. We often have open times of dialogue and interaction and anyone is invited, but not obligated, to speak out.
We’d love to know your coming, especially if you’re a little nervous. We’d be happy to have someone look out for you and make sure you feel comfortable. If you’re happy to just turn up, we will see you there!

What can I expect?

These nights are designed to be a worship and learning experience in a casual setting. We do a variety of things at these gatherings, all based on the theme of the month.
-Worship and Reflection
-Teaching with dialogue afterwards
-Storying with dialogue afterwards
-Soup Nights with a time of “Communion: remembering Jesus life and death”
-Special Services on occasions like Lent, Easter, Christmas, baby dedications and baptisms.

What about teenagers?

We love teenagers at Journey. Journey was built on the premise that teens need church too. A group from the youth charity, Reign Ministries had the original vision for this church in Bicester. So, you can believe that we love teenagers at Journey. We don’t wait for them to grow up – they are a vibrant part of our services now, leading up front, serving behind the scenes, and able to participate fully in the content presented. We’ve got a lot of time for teenagers and have a whole missional community who is focused on that age group.