What is a DNA?

  • DNA is the place where spiritual friendship is forged and our Identity as children of God is realised. People in these groups find their lives are transformed and that experience of fuller life is deepened as they learn to relate deeper to God with community. These are usually, but not limited to, groups the size of 3-4 persons.
  • DNAs meet weekly or every other week for no more than 1 hr.
  • DNAs meet for a short term time frame, 3-6 months and then decide whether to keep journeying, multiply, or take a season off.
  • Prayer, bible reading, and open relationship are a key focus in this space. DNA meeting times centre around two important discipleship questions: 1) What is God saying to me? and 2) What do I need to do about it?
  • We don’t dictate the curriculum for these groups but we do ask that each group orient around 3 key building blocks.

•Jesus’ DNA in me
•Formed by the Bible and Prayer
•Walking by faith

  • We do have a few basic tools that help cement life long learning in the 3 above areas, we ask that groups start with these. Once a group has a firm grasp on these basic building blocks, you can begin to learn and listen together in many different ways.
  • Journey leaders are always available to give ideas, resources, and direction to these groups. There is no shortage of great discipleship material available to us in this day and age and we want to allow the Spirit to direct a group’s learning based on their specific needs.

Whats in it for me?

  • Moves you forward towards the full life that can be found in Jesus
  • You will learn how to disciple by being discipled
  • Keeps you connected to a few people who really know you, pray for you, and support your faith
  • Helps you learn to hear the voice of the Spirit
  • Provides accountability

What’s in it for the church as a whole?

  • An intentional move away from thinking that all “church life” happens in the gathering times. 
  • Church not a place we go, it’s a group of relationships we’re engaged in – relationships need time and space if they are to grow!
  • This is where pastoral care happens. The people at the front of gathering are not the only pastors. Christ has called us to care for and encourage one another on this journey.

How do I get in a DNA group?
We are still in the stage of building up these groups. Simply let one of the leaders know of your interest. If you have a few friends that you’ve found and would like to be in a DNA together, just let us know and we can help you get started!

On the next page: DNA Handbook, Tools, and Talk to explain more.